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Business Coaching

Over the past four years we have learnt about many of the important pain points of our customers where they needed help in planning, promoting and managing their businesses. As a business owner we have our own pain points too. This discovery has lead us to offer now coaching and mentoring support on very crucial business and marketing needs for our customers.


As a Business Consultant, we also want to learn from you about your struggles in those business areas and assist you to effectively achieve your business goals using the latest digital industry best practices.


Having that mission in mind, we have formulated the following coaching programmes to offer you to learn online from the comfort of your home or workplace. Simply book for the business coaching sessions you are interested in and we shall assist you from there.

Small Business Coaching
ARE YOU PLANNING TO LAUNCH YOUR BUSINESS WEBSITE? You may want to launch a website for your new business or online store with products to sell. We can offer you advice o...
Web Designing Consultation
1 hr
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