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ARE YOU PLANNING TO LAUNCH YOUR BUSINESS WEBSITE? You may want to launch a website for your new business or online store with products to sell. We can offer you advice o...
Web Designing Consultation
1 hr

Business Planning

Small Business Planning

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!

- Benjamin Franklin

We are looking forward to work with Small Business Owners or new Start-ups to offer guidance and clear directions for them to get prepared with latest industry best practices when planning their businesses.

Based on what we have experienced in the past, we have learnt that many new small business owners have stumbled due to lack of planning, preparation and understanding of important skills that is required for them to manage their business smoothly. This has motivated us to provide them coaching on the following topics.

Currently we are focussed on offering coaching on how to plan and prepare to produce, implement and manage the official website of a business. 

We have identified many areas of such needs in the business planning and we are currently working on them to offer you soon as coaching plans. So please remember to watch this space often.

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