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Who we are

We are a Business and Marketing Consultancy company serving and looking for new prospective customers. Our main office is located in the heart of Wallington town in London, U.K.

We are dedicated to help SMEs / individual businesses with their Planning, Promoting and Managing of the business using digital technologies. In most cases, we may offer you a total, one-stop solution for your digital needs.

We are specialized in offering e-commerce and e-marketing solutions for SMEs including start-up businesses in promoting their products and services online. We have partnered with leading businesses in the e-business industry to offer you the best and latest possible solutions to your problems. So you can entrust our state-of-the-art technology options that we could offer you.

We are happy to work on varieties of projects including Web designing, Web store set-up, Leaflet design, Business card design, Logo design, Business App design, Card payment processing Online marketing and etc. We do also offer Special Coaching on "Digital Skills" for Small Business Owners.

We strongly believe and want to offer a higher quality work for our clients which would be the most effective and cheapest way for them in the long run.

We always follow the industry best practices and would like to deal with any task in a professional manner in all circumstances. We believe that your satisfaction is our success!

Our Mission

We intend to help SMEs understand the strategic importance of 'Digital Skills' and cater our digital solutions to Plan, Promote and Manage their businesses, based on what is most useful to them in enhancing their current practices already in place in those areas.

Why you should choose us
Our Purpose
  1. At an affordable cost, we want to enable our customers to promote their products and services on a mobile-friendly platform and enjoy any added values that the current and future trends of the digital industry has got to offer them.

  2. Also we want to offer our guidance and support for any individual or business to grow in their desired field, whether they are new to business or already in business but looking for proper direction, guidance and support to grow.

  3. In addition to our solutions that we offer, we also want to coach our clients on specific business skills that would remove any technical barriers and give them confidence to function properly in their business.

  • Feel comfortable with us

    Friendly Approach

    Always we want to offer you a professional, flexible and friendly service. Your success is our mission!

  • Response to ad hoc queries

    Constant Support

    Regardless of time we may respond to your important queries when required.

  • Master your skills

    Training Offered

    We can offer you specific on-the-job training on important skills to manage your business tasks.

  • Increased Know-how

    New Ideas Offered

    You will learn new ideas, tips and business tricks from us as you move on with us.

  • Worth for your money

    Great Savings

    We offer very competitive prices where you may save and invest on other marketing needs.

  • Industry best practice

    Latest Solutions

    We offer state-of-the-art latest technology options to your digital needs.

  • Responsive web design

    Robust Design

    We build our websites and online stores on industry leading robust platforms.

  • Offering one-stop-solutions


    We can offer you many digital solutions to your business problems in many ways.

If you are looking for someone to guide you in planning, promoting and managing your business online, you may simply get in touch with us by using our Live Chat at the bottom-right side of this page or using the Contact form below or call our Business and Marketing Consultant George on 078 250 18 468.

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