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Online Marketing

Get the ball rolling..

You may be looking for someone to promote your existing business online or you could be a new business looking to have a kick-start to get on that dream line. Fine, whatsoever, let's get the ball rolling and we'll do all the hard work for you while you simply focus on your vision.

Or else, you may have all the resources including designers, content writers, programmers, etc in place or ready to invest on setting up your own resources, then we are happy to offer you just the consultancy you would require to keep your team busy.

In most cases, an 'Integrated Marketing Plan' would be our recommendation in order to produce an optimum result to our input. We shall discuss everything in detail in our proposal to you. You may like to know some of our recent clients to whom we offer similar solutions.

Why not send your brief to us? We shall assess your requirements and discuss with you our solutions.

We can offer you a comprehensive and affordable package for your online marketing needs.

Online Marketing

What we can offer you

Basically, we would offer you an 'Integrated Marketing Solution' that has the following features but not limited to. Based on your exact requirements and stance we shall add them to your marketing budget.

A mobile-friendly website

Your website will use a customized, professional, responsive theme and can be accessed with your own domain name. You can view your contents on almost any mobile devices including latest mobile phones and tablets. Your customers can easily order for your products or view about your services straight from their mobile devices. Learn more about it.

Graphic designing & multimedia

We can design your visuals for both online and offline marketing which includes home banners for sliders, rich e-mail templates, web banner adverts, web page templates, brand logos, brand title videos and printed media such as business cards, leaflets, letterheads, invitation cards, indoor & outdoor banners, etc.

Primarily, as we produce your website we would optimise each and every content page for search engines. Then we would apply all the post production techniques including intelligent link building, unique content writing, sitemap and so on in order to continuously monitor and improve rankings on search engines including Google, Yahoo & Bing.

Search engine optimisation

We can create marketing campaigns and send emails to your customers on your behalf. We always follow an ethical marketing approach, so only whoever opts to receive would receive emails. We shall build and maintain the list of your customers securely. We'll show you useful statistics on subscriber's activity with regard to the emails sent to them.

Email marketing

We shall promote you on major social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google plus and LinkedIn. If you already have accounts with them in place, then we shall continue to promote you through them or redesign them if required. 

Social media marketing

Based on the nature of your business, we shall draft an Affiliate Marketing policy for you and promote you on suitable networks. We can also manage your affiliates and help you find new affiliates. You'll receive weekly reports on traffic conversion and sales.

Affiliate marketing

Depending on the type of your products and services, we shall promote you on other marketplaces as well such as eBay, Amazon, & We shall open separate Outlets for you in those marketplaces and you may receive extra revenue via those channels. They are popular and receive a huge volume of traffic.

Promoting on marketplaces
Creating business blogs

We shall create a business blog for you and you can categorise articles and publish, encourage discussions, and moderate comments on your site. Remember, blogging is important to increase your organic search rank positions on search engines. And also you can spread your news across the social networks easily by sharing them.

Useful reports for management

Based on the type of online marketing features you opt to have from us, we shall provide you with useful reports for management. For e.g. Traffic Analysis, Email marketing reports, Affiliate Sales reports, etc. You'll have access to these reports from your account area that we offer you.

If you have to say, "I just need a website to promote my services", then still we can design your website.

Or, if you have to say, "I need a website to sell my products", then that's our specialist job. We could help you to sell your stuffs online.

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