Know the key benefits of a mobile-friendly website

Updated: Apr 7, 2018

A mobile-friendly or mobile-optimised or responsive website is a must to any business in this modern business world. Especially if the primary marketing functions of a business are carried out online, then having a cross-device compatible web presence is unavoidable! For this need, many new businesses in London and around the world are now looking for such website builders.

Responsive Web Design

Major reasons for the demand for Mobile-Optimised Web Design

  1. The Internet is evolving day-by-day and your customers find and access your site using various ways including using tablets, smart phones, notebooks, PCs & etc.

  2. Placing an order online has been made easy with mobile-optimised checkout facility. We don’t need to take a separate action anymore to place an order using a Desktop / Laptop computer after viewing the product on a smartphone, rather we could straightaway place the order using our smartphone if the merchant’s ecommerce website is properly optimised for mobile checkout.

  3. A growing population using social media as their daily digest can find your offerings online with ease. e.g. A potential customer diverted via a Facebook advert can easily land on your website just using her smartphone. So if your website is not optimised for mobile devices then there is a great chance for you to lose her just because of the site was not user-friendly.

  4. Noticeably, this year in April we could see Google has rolled out its mobile-friendly update that promises boosting the ranking of mobile-friendly pages on mobile search results. So having our web pages mobile-optimised becomes an important target for us now.

The benefits of having a Mobile-Optimized website

1. To offer your customer a positive user experience of your site

  • Your customer can look-and-feel that your site is modern and usable.

  • The end user can view your site on almost any device including tablets, smart phones, notebooks, PCs.

2. Your reach for your target customers increases

  • Your target reach actually increases compared to using a traditional kind of a design for your site, that means you can not only reach a user who uses his laptop to view your site but also an iPad user who views your tweet on twitter, clicks and lands on your site.

3. Increased stickiness

  • If your website is user-friendly and good looking, then there is lot more chance for the customer to spend time in navigating from pages to pages within your site. Even though if you have a great content to read and take action, in case if your website is not mobile-friendly it might prevent the user from taking that valuable action that is to read through your pages and they might simply bounce away.

  • So a mobile-optimised site would help reducing the bounce rate on your website and thus increase the average page views.

4. Faster loading of your site

  • The downloading speed of the site also poses a great deal on the interest of a user in viewing your site. If the site is loading slowly a new visitor would probably quit from viewing the site.

  • A mobile-friendly website favours loading your site quicker than a traditional kind by simply using the minimum web resource that is required to display the site without compromising the visibility of the content that needs to be displayed.

5. A competitive advantage over your competitors

  • You would definitely enjoy a competitive advantage over your competition in terms of accessing and using your site by a potential customer. If you have a website you may simply compare and see with the ones of your immediate competitors then you can feel the difference if they have the mobile-optimised websites. Research says, about 1/3 of the online retailers in the UK don’t have a mobile-optimised web presence yet.

Are you looking for such web presence to your business? Are you a start-up business and looking someone to assist you with designing your website, then here we have a Special Offer for you!
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